Ageing in an unequal world: shaping environments for the 21st century


The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford are  jointly hosting the 47th Annual Conference of the British Society of Gerontology in 2018. 

The theme for the Conference is Ageing in an Unequal World Shaping Environments for the 21st Century. Reflecting contemporary concerns from researchers, scholars, practitioners and older people around the world about the injustices associated with ageing in an unequal world, the conference asks the challenging question: how best to influence and shape environments of ageing for the coming century?

Addressing the needs of our rapidly ageing world requires collaboration across a wide range of academic disciplines, a fostering of intellectual ideas, communication across professional practices, and participatory methods involving older people and their wider communities. The British Society of Gerontology is a leading forum for the advancement of gerontological research and knowledge across the United Kingdom, and our annual conferences attract attendees from around the world. Whether new to research on ageing, a first-time attendee, a PhD student or a long-established member, whether interested in older people, ageing populations or intergenerational issues, at the conference you will discover a stimulating, diverse and engaging network of academics, students, researchers, policy makers and practitioners. Our common goal is to advance gerontological research, education, theory and practice in order to ensure improved quality of life for all.