First General Assembly of the Covenant

Committee of the Regions, Brussels, Belgium

The first General Assembly of the Covenant on Demographic Change will take place on Friday 19 May 2017, in the Committee of the Regions (Brussels) - from 13:30-16:30

On Friday morning, the ENSA working group on Elderly and Disability will have an open meeting and the Eurocities members will also have a meeting. 

The day before (Thursday 18 March), the participants will have the opportunity to the Urban Health Centres Europe Conference "How to improve quality of life and services for an ageing population?".  ​


Programme of the General Assembly

The General Assembly will be open to all Covenant members and other interested parties. Vote will however be limited to Covenant full members and ordinary Members in accordance with its Statutes

Welcome, apologies and announcement of quorum, Furio Honsell, President of the Covenant and Mayor of Udine (IT)

Issues concerning the past year

  • Report on activities implemented since the launch of the Covenant, Carina Dantas – Vice-President and Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary General
  • Annual ratification of the updated list of members,  Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary General GA vote needed
  • Granting of discharge to the directors from the responsibilities arising from the execution of their mandate; GA vote needed

Issues concerning next year

  • Presentation and approval of the work programme and activities  planned for the coming year, including Covenant members’ participation in the SEED Silver Economy Awards, Joan Martins- Vice-President and Rodd Bond, Board member; GA vote needed
  • Presentation and discussion of the various options to raise funds for the Covenant: decision by the GA of the option to be pursued , Sergio Murillo-Corzo, Treasurer; GA vote needed
  • Decision on the membership fees to be applied, if any, Sergio Murillo-Corzo, Treasurer; GA vote needed


Concluding words by Furio Honsell, President

​For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of the Covenant: