Contribute to new Guide on User co-production in standardisation for Active and Healthy Ageing

03/09/2018 - 16:32

The PROGRESSIVE project is helping making sure that standards take into account the voice of older people and contribute to the creation of environments where, as we age, we can all have better access to products and services. As part of its activities, the PROGRESSIVE project has developed a Guide on User Co-production in standardisation for Active and Healthy Ageing. The draft guide provides guidance and practical tools on when and how to reach out to users and obtain their opinions on relevant questions. 

The guide is targeted at national standardisation committees. Each committee is invited to define a strategy and activities based on what is needed and resources that are available. The guide draws on up-to-date practical methodologies for co-production, such as focus group discussions, story board and customer journey. The guide translates these into the formal standard development procedures of the European standardisation organisations CEN and CENELEC. 

External feedback and contributions are welcome.  If you would like to comment, please contact Marlou Bijlsma or Thamar Zijlstra ( PROGRESSIVE partners are particularly looking for:

  • additional methodologies
  • examples of co-production with users
  • standards committees who would like to test the Guide

The commenting period ends on 30 April 2018.

More information is available here.