Manchester revisits its age-friendly strategy

11/06/2017 - 16:48

In 2009 the City of Manchester launched the strategy "Manchester: A Great Place to Grow Older (2010–2020)". The strategy was based on what older people would want to move to a city catering for younger generations, and how we could make it a great place to grow older.

Since the strategy’s launch the city has experienced major economic and demographic change, alongside significant changes in the national and regional political context. The City recently revisited the original strategy and, while its priorities are still just as relevant, refresh and update it to reflect the current picture. This refreshed strategy highlights some of Age-Friendly Manchester’s key achievements and milestones since 2009. It considers the challenges facing its ageing population, while celebrating the role played by Manchester’s older residents in shaping their city. By asking what an age-friendly Manchester might look like in four years’ time, the strategy focuses on the key priorities for the city and its partners, offering a framework to deliver real improvements to the lives of older people, putting them centre stage. 

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