New study results on care delivery models to support ageing in place

03/05/2018 - 15:41

ODESSA is a three-year €1 million venture with the aim to find new and innovative ways of adapting a person’s home so that they can live independently for longer and avoid going into residential care as well as making it easier for them to access public services such as health and social services. 

Since 2015, the ODESSA team has:

  • Explored housing choices, needs, and preferences of older people.
  • Acknowledged the importance of housing and living conditions and their links to social and health care delivery and in prompting ageing-in-place.
  • Assessed older people’s housing choices as expressed by residential mobility and their ability to improve their housing conditions and meet their needs in terms of housing ownership and mobility.
  • Assessed the potential for engaging communities in effective and inclusive models of social care delivery to support healthy ageing, with reference to the different policy contexts of the three partner countries.
  • Proposed design alternatives for age-friendly housing environments that support ageing-inplace, independence and enable effective, inclusive and easily accessible health and social care for older people.
  • Assessed the efficiency and affordability of financial innovations for the long-term living arrangements of older people and propose delivery for an ageing population through development of funding options and associated proposals.
  • Built a common framework for health and social care delivery mechanisms and housing options through scenario building and in-depth comparative analyses between the three partner countries.

These results are presented in this publication