The Nordic Welfare Centre releases publication on age-friendly cities in the Nordic Region

05/08/2018 - 10:46

In the Nordic region, life expectancy is increasing, and the elderly population is growing. It is of course a positive development that more people are living for longer, but it also entails major challenges, particularly in the areas of housing, transport, urban planning, healthcare and social services. 

The Nordic Welfare Centre has taken the initiative to start a project on age-friendly environments in the Nordic region. The project focuses on factors that often tend to arise in discussions about quality of life and good health – opportunities for physical exercises, good eating habits, social interaction, meaningfulness. 

Many municipalities in the Nordic region are working ambitiously to create a better environment to age in. In this publication, the Nordic Welfare Centre has investigated in greater depth few of the Nordic cities that are implementing the WHO approach for Age-friendly Cities and Communities: Oslo, Trondheim, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Tampere, Aarhus and Reykjavik.

This publication is based on information from meetings and study visits to cities, as well as written material. It is primarily intended for decision-makers on a local level and organisations of pensioners. 

More information is available here.