Results of the "Human Rights of Older Persons and Long-term Care" project now available

12/11/2017 - 16:26

The final conference of the EU-funded project "Human Rights of Older Persons and Long-term Care" took place on Tuesday 28th November. During the event, project partners presented the project’s findings and exchanged with policy-makers and care providers.

Among the many topics addressed, it was highlighted that 13 human rights standards protect older persons in long-term care in Europe. The human rights concerns in long-term settings, as identified through monitoring work by national teams, are quite common throughout Europe: a lack of respect for individuals’ right to dignity, privacy, autonomy and access to justice. Examples of concerning practices included older persons being forced to live in residential care without their consent, residents being transported along corridors in a state of undress, the heating turned off to save money and residents given tranquilisers in order to prevent challenging behavior. Main causes of these human rights concerns were also presented, including a lack of knowledge by policy-makers and care providers of their human rights obligations and a lack of financial resources within the LTC sector. Statutory investment in the LTC sector varies widely throughout the EU, with several Central and Eastern European countries having lower than average support for the sector. Last but not least, the project team highlight the benefits of a human rights-based approach (HRBA) to long-term care, which aims to empower older persons to know and claim their rights and increase the ability and accountability of policy-makers and care providers to respect, protect and fulfil their human rights obligations.

To read the full report of the event, click here.